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Security, Cookies & Legals

At RF Dental Care we run a successful dental practice with strong and straight forward principles at the core. This professionalism continues into the security of your personal data, how our website interacts with your computer and how our website statistics package (Google Analytics) learns of your journey through our website.

Security Of Your Data

When you chose to enquire and type your details into our website we protect all of your data as if it was our own. Your data is held securely at all times and none of it is disclosed to any third parties; even for the purposes of your enquiry without your written or verbal permission.

Please click for our full Privacy Notice PDF

How Cookies Work

We have only two cookie settings on our website. Neither have any impact on the security of your personal data, as mentioned above.

The first cookie setting is set to ensure that you only see certain features, whilst you are using the website and are called ‘Strictly Necessary Cookies’. They are not used to collect information that can be used to contact you, for any other functionality and can not be triggered in any other way, than through a users click.

When you click on one of our enquiry pages a cookie is placed in your cookie folder on your computer and when you click submit or click away from that page; the cookie is immediately deleted, as if it was never there with no record left behind.

Your Website Journey & Our Google Analytics

The second cookie setting is set by Google Analytics and stored by your browser are called ‘Performance Cookies’. Your Internet browser collects cookies from most of the websites you visit to speed up those websites loading times and does not identify you as a single user of our website.

At the same time this cookie allows the ability for website owners to know about your journey through their website. Your journey makes up tens of thousands of different results in a large series of tables in our Google Analytics package and is not highlighted from the rest.

Our market leading Google Analytics package counts page views, number of visitors, duration of visits and other similar data. We use this data to see which pages are the most popular and the data can suggest ways in which we can improve the website commercially and also for our customers ease of use.

Persistent Cookies Not Used

We do not use ‘Functionality Persistent Cookies’ that remember your personal web browser formatting settings, allow access to third party websites by default and remain after you have left our website.

We also do not use ‘Targeting Persistent Cookies’ that are used by third parties to present any/relevant advertisements or measure how effective advertising campaigns are.

Legal Registrations

RF Dental Care is registered with the General Dental Council, Care Quality Commission and Information Commissioner; details of all can be found on their websites.

Industry standard dental insurance, regulations, trade union and charity foundation.

General Dental Council
British Dental Association
British Dental Health Foundation
Quality Care