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Children’s Dentistry

Both Richard and Nick have children and understand how children can be especially apprehensive of dental treatment. We will always take our time and explain procedures to our younger patients in a manner, which they are able to understand.

Importance of Children’s Dental Health

At RF Dental Care we realise how important your child’s dental health is. We believe children should be seen for a dental examination as soon as their first teeth appear. This acclimatizes the child to the dental environment and allows us to provide preventative advice to the parents early.

Children’s Preventative Dental Care

We are committed to providing preventative dentistry and follow the NHS guidance “Delivering better oral health – an evidence based toolkit for prevention”. Preventative treatment for children can include;

  • * Fluoride gel application to prevent or stabilise very early tooth decay.
  • * ‘Fissure seals’ which are applied to the biting surface of the teeth. (These prevent decay from attacking this surface).
  • * Advice on fluoride toothpaste.
  • * Advice on fluoride mouthrinses.
  • * Advice on tooth brushing technique.
  • * Monitoring the correct development of the dentition.

Caring For Your Children – Like They Are Our Own

We will always explain what needs to be done carefully to you and your child so they are prepared for any treatment.

We use recognised techniques to acclimatize your child to any operative dentistry, such as ‘tell, show, do’ and ‘sibling modelling’. These techniques allow us to gain the trust of your child and carry out any dental care in a more relaxed atmosphere for the child and parent.

We are able to provide all our children’s dental care within the NHS; however some specific preventative treatments may be chargeable.

Industry standard dental insurance, regulations, trade union and charity foundation.

General Dental Council
British Dental Association
British Dental Health Foundation
Quality Care