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Tooth Whitening

This can range from whitening a single dark tooth to whitening of a full arch of teeth.

Predictable Results

We use a ‘take home tray’ system with custom fabricated whitening trays and 6% hydrogen peroxide, opposed to ‘laser whitening’ as we find the results are more predictable and long lasting.

Safe Teeth Whitening

Tooth whitening is a very safe and predictable treatment. Clinical studies have shown that tooth whitening with carbamide or hydrogen peroxide is safe for teeth and gums. It is a simple, non-invasive way of improving the appearance of your teeth.

Why Do I Have Discoloured Teeth ?

Many people have slight discolorations on their teeth due either to:

  • * Ageing.
  • * Discolorations from the natural build-up of organic pigments over time.
  • * Trauma to the teeth.
  • * Coffee, tea, smoking, red wine staining.

Treat Yourself To A New White Smile Today

Tooth whitening can help in all these circumstances and can dramatically improve the appearance of your teeth. Many people want to whiten their teeth because it helps their self-esteem and gives them a little extra confidence.

Consistent Colour With Existing Dental Work

Whitening will remove the stain from existing crowns or fillings but will not change the original shade. The results of whitening will not last indefinitely and need a ‘top up’ a few times a year for one or two days. The degree of whiteness achieved will vary between patients because all teeth are not identical in structure or colour.

Discounted Teeth Whitening

Denplan scheme members benefit from a discount on tooth whitening.

10 Years of Great Results

At RF Dental Care we have been providing Tooth Whitening for over 10 years and have had fantastic results in that time.

Beware of illegal Tooth Whitening

Tooth whitening amounts to practising dentistry. Only those individuals registered with the General Dental Council (GDC) may practise dentistry, these are usually dentists, hygienists and dental therapists.

If someone is offering you tooth whitening and they are not a dental professional who is registered with the GDC then they are practising dentistry illegally and may be subject to a criminal prosecution. Dental professionals are the best people to whiten your teeth because we know all about teeth!

We have undergone training in recognised whitening techniques and accepted whitening agents to use. We know when whitening is or isn’t suitable for your teeth and which teeth will not whiten. We know what side effects may occur and how to combat these and prolong the whitening effect.

So if you are considering tooth whitening please speak to us first! More information can be found at the GDC website or

Industry standard dental insurance, regulations, trade union and charity foundation.

General Dental Council
British Dental Association
British Dental Health Foundation
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